The steel plating (backstop) was updated as well as the material to absorb the bullets.  You may see small pieces of rubberized material at the end of the range.  The brooms have been replaced by squeegees for moving brass after shoots.  The squeegees will reduce the dust from being moved into the air.  Thanks to a tax-deductible donation, we also have purchased a HEPA filtered vacuum that will allow the dust to be safely removed from the range. 
With the change in membership that started in 2015, all annual members become part of the Rifle and Pistol Club with access to the indoor range.  But before a member will be issued a keycard with access to the indoor range they must attend an orientation meeting to become acquainted with the rules, where the switches are that control the lighting, exhaust fans, etc.  Once that orientation has been completed you will be given a keycard that will allow access to the indoor range. In addition to having a keycard which allows access to the indoor range there is a charge of $5.00 per hour to shoot inside.  This is a minimum charge of $5.00 so even if you are only shooting for 30 minutes it is still $5.00 and an additional $5.00 when your first hour is over.  You will receive more information on this at your orientation. There are also indoor leagues that you can participate in as well as a ‘Fun’ shoot.  Bullseye Pistol Leagues are shot on Monday evening starting at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 p.m.  This is an eight-week league that allows you to drop your two lowest scores and use your best six-week average.  There is a Wednesday night fun shoot scheduled that runs through March.  Check your calendar for times. 
The indoor range does NOT allow shotgun shooting, magnum caliber handguns, or any rifle chambered for anything other than .22 short, long, long rifle or approved pistol cartridges.  In the past someone shot a .223 or .556 caliber rifle at the indoor range and caused major damage to the backstop.  Should that happen now the cameras will be checked and the person causing the damage will be expected to pay for the replacement.

Here is some additional information on the Wednesday night Fun Shoots.  
 Defiance Area Fish and Game 
Rifle and Pistol Club Fun Shoots 
Wednesday 22 LR Fun Shoot 
(Center Fire – the last Wednesday of each month) 

Five dollars per night to shoot.  All shooting is .22 LR 
No hollow points on the swinger or knockdown stages. 
On the swinger and knockdown stages move to a new target after each shot, hit or miss. 
On the 50-foot line stage aim for a different part of the line with each shot. 
Remove the firearm magazine and install a chamber flag in the firearm at the completion of shooting each stage.
Stage #1:   LARGE PLATE:  10 shots in 7 seconds, gun down, 10 pints for each hit. 
State #2:   SMALL PLATE:  10 shots in 5 seconds, gun up, 10 pints for each hit. 
Stage #3.   25 ft. SILHOUETTE:  10 shots in 6 seconds, gun down, score the target. 
Stage #4.  25 ft. SPOONS:  5 shots  1st 50, 2nd 40, 3rd 30, 4th 20, 5th 20, 10 points. 
Stage #5.   50 ft. SILHOUETTE:  10 shots in 7 seconds, gun down, score the target. 
Stage #6.   50 ft. SPOONS:  (same as stage #4 above). 
Stage #7.   50 ft. SLOWFIRE TARGET:  10 shots in 2 minutes, one handed, score the target. 
Stage #8.   KNOCKDOWN PLATES:  2 strings of 6 shots in 10 seconds, gun down, 10 point each hit. 
Stage #9.   50 ft. SWINGERS:  10 shots in 20 seconds, gun down, (see rules above), 10 points per hit. 
Stage #10.   50 ft. LINE ON PLATE: 10 shots in 1 minute, any method including sandbags, 10 points per hit.