When you join the Defiance Area Fish and Game club, you can have the opportunity for permission to hunt on the land by following these rules.  With over 350 members the need for some general rules on land management and safety is a must.  
To get permission you MUST attend one of the Hunting Rules meetings – see Hunting Rules Meetings below.  Without attending a Hunting Rules meeting, permission will not be granted.  ONLY members and their minor children may hunt – guests with members do not have hunting privileges.  There is NO hunting allowed on the Jericho Road property.  

Hunting Rules Meetings Each year, at the June, July, and August Defiance Fish and Game meeting, the Board of Directors will hold a meeting for any member (in good standing) of the Defiance Area Fish and Game who wants to hunt the property during the upcoming hunting season.  You MUST attend one of these three meetings to obtain hunting rights.  No other times will be available.  At this meeting a written permission contract will be given to a member who agrees to follow the rules for hunting on the property.  This permission contract will be the written authorization from the Board of Directors to the member to hunt on the land for the season.  This permission is good until the following year’s hunting meeting and must be shown upon request to a Board of Director Member, Fish and Game Club officer, or law officer to prove hunting permission has been granted.  Any member hunting on the land without written authorization is in violation of Ohio hunting laws punishable by law and could result in loss of membership privileges to the Defiance Area Fish and Game Club. 

Sign-in-sheet Each time you hunt you must come into the building foyer and fill out the sign-in-sheet.  Print your name, species hunting and the one section you are hunting (use the property map to find the section letter) of the property and list it along with the hunt time in and out.  Only one section can be listed at a time.  Multiple sections or “ALL” sections cannot be listed.  Be sure to observe the “NO HUNTING” sections. 

Deer management :  In an effort to increase the size of the bucks on our property, we are implementing a deer management program.  In this program, any doe may be harvested, but bucks must have 4 points on one side to be taken.  The exception would be a minor (under 18 years of age) when hunting with their parent (who must be a member).  That member’s minor child can harvest a doe or a buck without the antler size requirement. 

Tree stands/Ground blinds on the property All tree stands and ground blinds must be removed at the end of each hunt.  No screw in tree steps can be used (bow/gun holders excluded) to climb the tree.  Any such equipment left on the property will be forfeited and kept by the management and future permission to hunt the property may be denied.   

Remember, starting in 2017 you must attend one of the Fish and Game meeting in June, July, or August to obtain permission to hunt the property.  There will no longer be any other days or times available.