Concealed Carry Weapon Classes

The Defiance Area Fish and Game Association, Inc. will be offering Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) classes several times each year. These will be listed here and also on the Fish and Game calendar as soon as a date is set. These classes will be held on the club’s property (6872 State Route 15 west of Defiance) and the required firing will be done at the indoor range next to the clubhouse. The maximum number of students will be 30 per class so get your registration in early. 
The next CCW class’s are scheduled for Saturday, February 13th, 2021.
Classes are filling up quickly so please register early.

 Click this link for registration.  
This class is for members or non-members who:
Want to obtain an Ohio Concealed Carry License (CCW)
Want to learn the rights and responsibilities of Concealed Carry
Want to meet the minimum class and shooting requirements to obtain an Ohio Concealed Carry License

The registration must be received PRIOR to the class. (Click here for a link to the registration form.) Payment for the class is $100 cash the morning of the class,  which includes pizza and drinks for lunch. 
The class will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude around 5:00 p.m. Please plan to arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class so that you can get settled in and be ready for the start of the class. 
Food and Snacks: 
Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to get you through the entire day. We will work through lunch to make sure we take advantage of every minute we have. You may eat and drink during class at any time. We do not have a vending machine at the range so bring coffee, soda, and water with you. We do have a microwave, stove, and refrigerator that will be available to you to use. We will take breaks every two hours.

Your conduct in class is vital to a positive learning environment. Foul or vulgar language, horseplay, or rude behavior is grounds for removal from the class and forfeiture of fees! ANY UNSAFE HANDLING OF FIREARMS WILL RESULT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE CLASS AND YOUR FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!
Do NOT bring any loaded firearm into the building. Do NOT bring live ammo into the building. If you do not want to leave your firearm in your locked vehicle, you may bring it inside the clubhouse, with the action open, and immediately give it to the instructor who will be in charge of it until the shooting portion of the class starts. 
Handguns (firearm):  
You will need a handgun to complete the live firing requirement of the class. You may bring your own handgun (remember to leave the ammunition in your vehicle prior to the shooting class time) and at least 150 rounds of ammunition (200 rounds if you are concerned about not passing the shooting requirement) with you to the class. Another option would be to rent a handgun and ammunition from the instructor. If you plan to use the instructor’s firearms there is an additional charge of $25, which will need to be paid in cash to the instructor. 
The indoor range is heated during the colder months, but it would be a good idea to bring a sweatshirt or light jacket along for use while shooting.  Weather permitting, shooting may also be done on the outdoor range.   

What to Bring:  
At least 150 rounds of ammunition for your handgun (if you are concerned about passing please bring 200 rounds)
Ear protection (plugs, muffs, etc.)
Safety glasses
Pen, pencils, and paper
Water, beverages, snacks, and lunch
Hand towel
Ball cap
$25 cash if you are planning to rent one of the instructor’s firearms.

Finally, please do not worry about what will happen or how you will do. We will conduct a safe and fun learning experience regardless of your previous handgun experience. We will get you through this class, and you will likely have a great deal of fun. The instructor takes great pride at the end of the day in knowing not only that you have passed a really difficult written exam and qualified with a handgun that will allow you to apply for your concealed carry license. However, he really enjoys seeing students who leave more skilled, confident, secure, and who can help keep our communities and country safe.