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2019 Spring Newsletter

Dear Fish and Game Members:

            We are well into 2019 and are underway with many programs and events.  We are also working on several improvement projects for 2019.  These include a replacement refrigerator for the clubhouse, new concrete approach ramp for the driveway, and an overhaul and cleanout of the pond. 

             We will continue to have no Sunday rentals for the 2019 calendar year. This does not make the range exempt from special events. Always check the website calendar before coming out to shoot. If you do an internet search for the Fish and Game, make sure that you search for Defiance AREA Fish and Game and NOT Defiance County Fish and Game.

            During the past several years we have also begun to announce events and information on our Facebook page and with emails.  If you have not done so already and have a Facebook account, please take a minute to like our page.  Sharing out content is also a great way to help us reach more people with our messages.  In addition, we have changed our spring newsletter to an email version and posting on the website.  Please ensure you have the correct email address on file.  If you have changed your email address, please send the update to Joe Hiler This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

            For the several few years, the Fish and Game has been operating under a 501(c)(3) tax classification. Any donations made to the club are tax deductible. These donations help implement our youth shooting sports program and special events like Women’s and Kid’s Days. They also help us make improvements to the grounds and facilities. Please consider a charitable tax-deductible donation to the Fish and Game. 

Trap Shooting:  During the summer months, we will be holding trap shooting before the meetings beginning at 5:30pm.  The cost is $ 4.00 per round.  We welcome all shooters, both members and non members.  As we shoot for fun, this is a great time to bring along someone who may be new to shooting and introduce them to trap.

2019 Gun Raffle Tickets: Only a few 2019 Gun Raffle tickets remain.  This is a major fundraiser for the club and is our 10th annual event.  If you would like a ticket please check with Ralph Hahn @ 419-784-2242.  Ralph also has something special planned for the December Club meeting so make sure you plan to attend.

Women’s Shooting Sports 2019: We have 4 events planned for this year, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8 and 9/22.  The event will include gun safety, pistols at the indoor range, rifles at the outdoor range and possibly some steel knockdown targets.  There is no cost for the event and those registering before August 1st will receive a free t-shirt.  Registration and further information will be posted on our website soon.

Summer Bullseye Pistol 

Summer Bullseye pistol leagues will start the first Monday June 3rd, at 6:30 p.m.  This is a 50 yard slow fire, and 25 yard timed and rapid fire course. Shooters have their choice of participating in either rimfire, centerfire or both leagues, and may shoot one or two handed. Cost is $2.50 per gun. Eye and ear protection are required. Get there around 6pm to help set targets up. This is an eight week league with shooters dropping their two worst scores for a best six week average.




May 15th 6:00pm, June 19th 6:00pm, July 17th 6:00pm and August 21st 6:00pm.

No changes for 2019.




May 22nd 6:00pm, June 12th 6:00pm, June 26th 6:00pm, July 10th 6:00pm,

July 24th 6:00pm, August 14th 6:00pm, August 28th 6:00pm.

 Changes for 2019.

4 sleds of 5 plates each for  our Steel Plates Competition.

6 plates at 10 yards (Handgun) and 10 plates at 25yds (Lever Action Rifle) for the Western Showdown. 




June 5th 6:00pm,  July 3rd 6:00pm,  August 7th 6:00pm and September 4th 6:00pm.

Changes for 2019.

23 plates each time.

The Handgun and Rifle will both start at the low ready position with a round chambered.




May 29th 6:00pm,   June 12th 10:00am,   July 10th 10:00am,

July 31st 6:00pm,   August 14th 10:00am

Changes for 2019.

The 3 morning shoots have been added at 10:00am.

50 yards (Bench, Standing and Kneeling) Rimfire Rifles only.

100 yards (Bench, Standing and Kneeling) Centerfire or Rimfire.


Everyone who attends must have the basic knowledge, skills and attitude to use a firearm safely and agree to follow all of our range's rules and the NRA Safety Rules.

ALWAYS keep my gun pointed in a safe direction.

ALWAYS keep my finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

ALWAYS keep my gun unloaded until ready to use.

Everyone must have signed a wavier of the Defiance Area Fish & Game Association.


The fee to participate in each of our events is $5.00


We hope you will come and be a part of our Wednesday Shooting Program.


Ken Ott 419-439-3246    Tom Zachrich 419-769-7761 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






  1. I wish to engage in firearms shooting at the Defiance Area Fish and Game Association, Inc. (DAFGA). I understand that engaging in these activities may be hazardous with risks of personal injury or death. In consideration of my participation in shooting activities, I own my behalf and that of my heirs, successors, representatives, administrators and assigns, hereby:                     

2.Waive and completely release all, past, present and future claims, causes of action, suits, rights, damages, costs, expenses or obligations or demands of any kind whatsoever, I or anyone on my behalf might have against DAFGA, its officers, directors, agents and range safety officers for any loss, damage, personal injury, death or loss of personal property resulting from my participation in such shooting activities; and

  1. Agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless DAFGA from any claims by any person, firm, corporation or others, for damages, loss or claims, of any nature, arising in any way out of my participation in such shooting activities; and
  2. Assume all risks associated with such activities and all responsibility for medical expenses, costs or other obligations and other losses or injuries to me or in which I may become involved, by reason of my participation in such shooting activities; and
  3. I have read the DAFGA Range Rules and understand same. I further have participated in an orientation on range safety provided by DAFGA and its range officers.


Signed this  ________  day of  ______________,  20_____.



Printed Name






Printed Name of Guardian if participant is under 18



Signature of Guardian if participant is under 18