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2020 Fall Newsletter

Dear Fish and Game Members:

            What a year 2020 has been!!  In spite of the challenges this year, there have been some successful happenings at the Fish and Game.  Unfortunately due to COVID, we cancelled our women’s day shoots.  However, many other events continued with delayed starts.  Some of the major projects completed this year include the pond reconstruction, raising the backstops on both the pistol bays and 100 yd range, as well as adding a roof to the “Party Pad” behind the clubhouse.  Many other projects including painting, mulch, and planters etc have also been completed in 2020. 

            Another exciting activity for 2020 was the addition of S3DA Archery group using the Fish and Game facility.  This group is led by Josh Zachrich and Josh Kimpel and had numerous youth shooting archery.  We are happy to have them use the Fish and Game facility and enhance the opportunities for archery.    

            With 2020 coming to a close, it is also time to renew your Fish and Game membership.  The membership cost will remain the same for 2021. $50 for a renewing member. Life members who want to use the indoor range or archery will pay $25.  However, due to the significant amount of extra work required for renewing memberships mid year,  will be a $10 late fee for any memberships renewed after January 31st, 2021.

            Please remember to check the club calendar at prior to coming out to shoot.  Events which close the range will be listed on the calendar.   Also, we have expanded our “marketing and communication” with Facebook this year.  Please like our page, and ask that those you know also follow our page so that they receive updates and information on events happening throughout the year.

            We would also like to thank Chris Stack and SCS training for holding several CCW classes at the club this year.  These have been a great fundraiser for the club as Chris donates any money for those registering through the Fish and Game back to the club.  Please continue to watch the website and Facebook for dates and registration information of upcoming classes and encourage family and friends to use the registration form on the website.

            The board would also like to encourage members to bring items they feel important to their attention.  Although the board handles the daily operations of the club, the club is here for the members.  We welcome all to be involved and help make the future of the club great.


Winter Pistol Leagues:

Indoor Pistol Leagues start Monday January 4th @ 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday January 5th at 6:30 p.m. This is a ten week event with shooters dropping their two worst scores, using an eight week total to achieve their final average. One handed traditional Bullseye or two handed shooting is permitted with Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert and Master classifications.  Shooters can choose between rim fire or centerfire and have the option to participate in both leagues.

Overall indoor range use was lower in 2020, but In spite of a virus and an ammo shortage, we managed to have a successful fall league this year with sixteen shooters participating.

2020 Wednesday Night Shooting Program:


2020 was another great year. The Defiance Area Fish & Game received over $1800 in participation fees from the 61 shooters who shot in our program's 28 events between May 13th and October 28th this year.


The TOP GUNS for the 2020 season were:

STEEL PLATES COMPETITION - (60 plates) Red dots Chad Kaup was perfect on the plates 5 times. Open sights Michael Riter had the most with 50. 

WESTERN SHOWDOWN - Centerfire Merlin Wright had the most clean rounds with 4 and Darren Crigger had the best time with a 81.97. Rimfire Ken Ott had the most clean rounds with 7 and Chad Kaup had the beat time with a 78.24.  

TACTICAL 22S -  (23 plates) Chad Kaup had the best over all time with a 44.67, the best Pistol time with a 12.67 and the best rifle time with a 9.03.

DEFENSIVE PISTOL CHALLENGE -  Chase Williams had the best time with a 77.15.

RIFLE CHALLENGE 50 yards - Todd Vitt had a 300 - 26X and 100 yards Todd Vitt had a 300 - 23X.

TACTICAL 9S  - Chase Williams had the best time with a 110.47.


We have another full season planned for 2021 with 30 events between April 14th and October 27th.

If you have any questions about our program contact : Ken Ott 419-439-3246 or Tom Zachrich 419-769-7761 or email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2021 Wednesday Shooting Program Calendar

April 14th 8:00am & 10:00am Rifle Challenge

April 28th 10:00am Tactical 9s

May 12th 8:00am & 10:00am Rifle Challenge

May 19th  6:00pm  Defensive Pistol Challenge

May 26th  10:00am  Tactical 9s

May 26th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

June 2nd  6:00pm  Tactical 22s

June 9th 8:00am & 10:00am  Rifle Challenge

June 9th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

June 16th  6:00pm  Defensive Pistol Challenge

June 23rd  10:00am  Tactical 9s

June 23rd  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

June 30th 6:00pm  Rifle Challenge

July 7th  6:00pm  Tactical 22s

July 14th 8:00am & 10:00am  Rifle Challenge

July 14th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

July 21st  6:00pm  Defensive Pistol Challenge

July 28th  10:00am  Tactical 9s

July 28th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

August 4th  6:00pm  Tactical 22s

August 11th 8:00am & 10:00am  Rifle Challenge

August 11th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

August 18th  6:00pm  Defensive Pistol Challenge

August 25th  10:00am  Tactical 9s

August 25th  6:00pm  Plates Competition / Western Showdown

September 1st  6:00pm  Tactical 22s

September 8th 8:00am & 10:00am  Rifle Challenge

September 22nd  10:00am  Tactical 9s

October 13th 8:00am & 10:00 am  Rifle Challenge

October 27th  10:00am  Tactical 9s


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Defiance Area Fish and Game Association

Membership Renewal

All memberships are for the current calendar year – not from joining date. Annual renewal members, if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope your card will be mailed. If not, you can get your card at any meeting. Remember that you will need your 2021 membership card to be on the property after December 31. Life members will not need to send the envelope since they have a life membership card.


Name:  _______________________________________________________________________________

Street:  _______________________________________________________________________________

City:  __________________________________  State:  _________________  Zip:  __________________

Phone:  ___________________________________________   Email:  ____________________________

________  (Please initial that you qualify) Due to the nature of the activities at the Fish and Game, the access to firearms, and regular youth programming, I attest that I am not a convicted felon or I have never registered as a sex offender in any state.

Current Annual Members: (Membership includes the Fish and Game Club, Rifle and Pistol Indoor Range, and Straightened Arrows Archery)

I would like to renew my membership and am paying $50.00. ($60 if after Jan 31st, 2021)  Please reactivate my key card number ___________.

My interests are: Outdoor range _____, Archery _____, Indoor range _____

Current Life Members can choose one of the following: If you currently have a plastic key card for the gate and the indoor range and want to maintain access to the indoor range a payment of $25.00 is required.  

        If you currently have a plastic key card for the gate it will remain active. No action is required.

        If you currently do not have and want to add access to the indoor range, it will require an annual payment of $25.00 and you will need to attend a safety orientation following a monthly meeting.

        Life members whom do not have a plastic key card, you may obtain a key card by attending a meeting (second Thursday at 7:00pm), or calling Joe Daly at 419.438.8769, and paying the one time fee of $5.00.

Prospective New Members: should complete an application form (which is available on our web site), complete it, and bring it to a club meeting on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.